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San Gemini Preservation Studies
The San Gemini Preservation Studies program (SGPS) works in collaboration with other institutions to promote studies in the preservation of cultural heritage. The program has existed since 1999 and was originally sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. It is now a part of the International Institute for Restoration and Preservation Studies, LLC.
The program’s courses are aimed at architects, planners, art historians, museum curators, historians, engineers, and other individuals who will be involved in the planning, management and study of cultural heritage.

Programs in San Gemini:
Historic Building Analysis and Restoration
Analysis and restoration of Archaeological Ceramics
Traditional Painting Methods and Restoration Techniques
Restoration of Bookbindings
Restoration of Paper in Books and Archival materials
Workshop fo Retoration of the Canvas in Paintings

Tour - Italy
Preservation Tour- Siena, Florence and Rome
Nine day tour to three cities with visits  to restoration sites, government laboratories for restoration and visits to places of general cultural interest .
For further information on the San Gemini Preservation Studies program, visit

www.sangeministudies.org or e-mail pwithers@iirpsemail.org

Tour- Greece
Athens: Heritage and Modernity
A  tour of Athens focused on preservation and conservation issues facing the city, involving a series of lectures and visits lead by expert Athenian architects, historians, conservators and planners who have been grappling with the problem of preserving monuments and culture in the midst of a bustling modern city.

www.iirps-athens.org or e-mail pwithers@iirpsemail.org

Archaeological Survey and Excavation of the Public Baths - Carsulae;

The excavation of the Public Baths of the ancient city of Carsulae was started by Prof. Jane Whitehead of Valdosta State University in 2004.

San Gemini Preservation Studies has been collaborating in various ways with this excavation, in particular helping with the surveying of the site. This year Program B, lead by Bianca Fossa, who is also the conservator for the Carsulae excavation, will be will be working with some of the ceramic material coming from this archeological site as part of the ceramics restoration workshop.

For further information on the excavation of the public baths in Carsulae email pwithers@iirpsemail.org.

Ongoing Field Projects

Restoration of the façade of the Oratory of San Carlo
San Gemini Historic Archives & Dioceses of Narni Historic Archives Restoration Project
San Gemini Historic Archive Digitization Project
Archaeological Ceramics Restoration Project
Survey of the church of San Giovanni Battista

Completed Field Projects:

• Restoration of the Facade of San Giovanni Battista (12th. Century)
• Restoration of the Facade of Santo Gemine (14th. Century)
• Resoration of Porta Burgi (13th Century)




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